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Conscript in Moscow tracked down through Sberbank security cameras, taken to military enlistment office by police

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A local man was tracked down through security cameras installed in a Sberbank branch in Moscow's Old Arbat Street, and escorted to a military registration and enlistment office by police, according to a report by independent media outlet SotaVision citing the man’s friend, Samariddin Radzhabov (referred to in the story as a former political prisoner). The case marked one of the first incidents of Moscow’s video surveillance system being used to track down army conscripts.

The man, referred to in the story as Rostislav L., visited Sberbank on May 2. Police officers personally told him that they had tracked him down through the cameras installed in the bank. At the military registration and enlistment office, Rostislav underwent a medical examination, and was later released. He managed to convince the military doctors that he wanted to take “normal [medical] tests” and “refused [to accept] the draft notice.” Rostislav is currently looking for lawyers who can assist him in his case. SotaVision did not provide other details.

Earlier reports confirmed that Moscow’s video surveillance system was being used to look for conscripts and determine their place of residence. Maxim Loktev, Moscow’s Military Commissar, announced that electronic military draft notices, as well as paper ones, would be sent out in “test mode” via state services portal Gosuslugi and text messages throughout Russia’s current spring draft (until July 15). As the news started being discussed on the Internet, with the authorities’ ambiguous and inconsistent statements on the e-notices widely cited, Loktev added that the “test mailing” would only be possible “after a government decree is passed.” Andrei Kartapolov, Chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Defense Committee, had earlier claimed that the amendments would not apply to the 2023 spring draft.

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