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“There’s no jumping ship. You and I are all f*cked.” Russian conscripts trained for war in Ukraine

The Insider has obtained a recording of a Russian political education officer speaking to conscripts who are being prepared for deployment in Ukraine at this very moment. The officer explains to the recruits that they will probably “perform the special operation only on Russian [occupied] territories”, that they may serve until the war ends, for a year and a half or even two years instead of one, and that they should “forget all about civilian life”.

As experts have explained to The Insider, current conscripts who are up for discharge – over 100,000 troops – could be the first to reach the front line.

The Insider quotes the political education officer in full.

“We cannot rule out the possibility of you performing the special operation exclusively on Russian territories, which means that other troops will go to the front line, while you will get stuck in the rear. However, there is definitely a non-zero possibility of you going there. No one knows when you’ll be discharged. Don't get your hopes of civilian life too high. New amendments are added by the dozen. There’s a plan, which is kept in secret for now, but your [service] can be extended from a year to a year and a half or, depending on the outcome of the special operation, even two years – until it’s over. This is definitely a possibility.

Conscripts and reserve soldiers are being called up as we speak – almost 300,000 people, and we’re all eligible – you and I, we are all in this category. Those who were mobilized yesterday are being called up, especially those with combat experience, from 18 to 35 years old. Mobile enlistment stations are being set up. Summons are being served at enterprises and just about everywhere else. A squad is formed, trained for fifteen days, and then deployed at the front line to perform the special operation. Whether you want it or not, you only have three options: if you have a backbone, you go to war. If you don't, you go to jail. Complete wackos who swallow nails and needles or break their arms and legs go to a psych ward, and then to criminal court. I’ve seen plenty of guys like that. I ask them: ‘Why the f*ck did you swallow them?’ ‘I didn't want to go to the drills.’ These are no drills. It’s a special operation. There’s no jumping ship, but I’ve got one thing to tell you: you and I are all f*cked. Today I’m talking to you here, and tomorrow I might end up there and follow the playbook they give me. These are the times we live in. What else can we do? Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers once found themselves in a similar situation. Those of you familiar with our history know that mother Russia has been at war with someone since the dawn of time, as there is always someone trying to slight us or steal from us. Take the First or the Second World War. Think of how many lives were lost! Today, we're in the very early stages of a special operation with staff units. Partial mobilization has begun, and full mobilization will follow. No one can rule out this possibility. Ukraine has mobilized its citizens, calling up one million troops. Western countries can start mobilization too. They’ll have an army full of seasoned mercenaries.

That's what we’ve been dealt. That’s the path we’ll have to follow. You can forget all about civilian life because you have a long way ahead before you can return. What does tomorrow have in store for us? What will come of us? You could be at an artillery position on the border and get a sudden order to advance, and off you go, or to launch a breakthrough. Your primary objective is to be spiritually prepared for any mission. You will also be trained in your specialty, be it a gunner or a driver. You must do your absolute best because you will most certainly participate in the special operation. No one can get you out of it or hide you.

This is why you’ve been told multiple times: ‘Guys, make it work for you. Do something useful for yourself and your families instead of working for peanuts.’ There's a considerable difference between contract soldiers who get combat allowance and those working for peanuts. No one knows if you’ll be going home, but that’s life. There are plenty of risks, and no one can tell where you’ll end up.

It’s better to sign a contract and at least get some money for your families out of this special f*cking operation. Some of you have parents who need help. Others need money for their projects. Instead of going to war for peanuts, you could help your families out with some real money. This is what most choose to do: to help their parents. There is no getting out of it. You’ll have to go there anyway, but instead of trying to keep your head down, you might as well make some money out of it because contract soldiers earn more than conscripts. They earn more even if they get wounded. Conscripts get paid too, but the rate is much lower. If there are any volunteers, go ahead and submit your application.”

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