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“I have decided to die without other people's blood on my hands”: 20-year-old Russian conscript commits suicide after refusing to go to war

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Sergei Gridin, a 20-year-old conscript from the Komi Republic in northwestern Russia, committed suicide in a military unit in the Moscow region, according to a report by the Telegram channel Mobilizatsiya. Novosti (“Mobilization. News”). Gridin’s relatives later confirmed the news to publications Sirena and 7x7.

According to the reports, Gridin’s fellow soldiers found his body on February 10 – the conscript had used his belt to hang himself. He left a suicide note in which he wrote that he “was assigned for rotation to Ukraine.”

Gridin refused to go to war and was then bullied by his sergeants and the platoon commander, which was the reason for his suicide (“I won't describe these humiliations that these animals performed on me, I don't want to and I won't, but I can't live with it”). In the note, Sergei also wrote that he did not want to “submit to people who inspire nothing but fear and disgust”:

“You have not succeeded in breaking me and will not succeed any longer. That is why I have decided to die here, on my native soil, without blood on my hands. I wish they’d be sent to prison for driving a man to suicide, but that’s how it works in Russia. I hate [them]!”.
Suicide note left by Sergei Gridin
Suicide note left by Sergei Gridin
Source: Mobilizatsiya. Novosti

Soldiers at Gridin’s unit told Mobilizatsiya. Novosti that the suicide note was absent from the criminal case file concerning his death.

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