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Russian Deputy Defense Minister's wife vacations and parties in France during war, reports Ukrainska Pravda

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Svetlana Ivanova (Maniovich), the wife of Russia's Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov, has been spotted vacationing and attending parties in Courchevel, a French ski resort, during the war in Ukraine, according to an Ukrainska Pravda investigation carried out with help from the Scanner Project. The pair is formally divorced to avoid EU sanctions against Ivanova, allowing her to continue spending money earned from the war in Ukraine in Europe.

Ivanova was spotted at Georgian singer Valery Meladze's party in Courchevel in the company of Olga Bokareva, the wife of oligarch Andrei Bokarev. Both Ivanov and Bokarev are under Western sanctions, but that doesn't stop their spouses from shopping and skiing in France.

Independent investigative outlet Proekt (“The Project”) earlier revealed that Timur Ivanov's family owns luxury real estate worth almost 1 billion roubles (close to $12.65 million) and is attempting to hide it.

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