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Russian Deputy Defense Minister conceals $85k watch on presidential spokesman’s wrist at party, Team Navalny reports

Timur Ivanov, the deputy of Russia’s Minister of Defense, covered the watch presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov wore to the birthday party of his wife, Svetlana Ivanova (Maniovich) in 2021. The photo appeared in a new investigation by Team Navalny on their YouTube channel.

In the video, investigators Maria Pevchikh and Georgy Alburov share noteworthy facts about Shoigu's deputy Ivanov and his spouse. Peskov is also featured in the investigation – as someone who does not miss a single birthday party at the Ivanovs’.

At the 2021 birthday party, the press secretary made a toast congratulating Mrs. Ivanova. During the speech, one could see a watch worth $85,000 on his wrist, which is one-half of what Peskov makes a year. Shortly after, the video shows the deputy defense minister covering the costly accessory with the sleeve of Peskov's cardigan.

As the investigators point out, in 2018, the deputy defense minister's wife celebrated her birthday in Istanbul with a party worth 178,000 euros. Since Russia invaded Ukraine, Svetlana Ivanova has continued to frequent Europe for shopping, enjoying yachts, helicopters, and Rolls-Royces, buying diamonds, and throwing parties that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars – sometimes in European countries.

Earlier, Peskov had appeared in public with accessories costing many times his monthly income. Thus, in the photos of his wedding with figure skating star Tatiana Navka in 2015, Peskov wears a Richard Mille watch worth $525,000 – while his official annual income at the time barely exceeded $128,000.

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