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Russian Deputy Defense Minister's family owns $80 million worth of real estate, reports Team Navalny

The children of Ruslan Tsalikov, a deputy to the Russian Minister of Defense Sergey Shoygu and his close friend, founded companies that were subsequently used for purchasing elite real estate. Investigators from Alexei Navalny’s team have found out they own properties worth 1.1 billion rubles (~$18 million). Tsalikov's children started buying real estate not so long ago, when the war was already on.

As the investigators learned, Tsalikov's daughters Yulia (25) and Elizaveta (25) founded a company called Tektum. Open sources do not provide any information about the company’s purpose or assets. However, they used it to purchase a 264-square-meter property in Crosswall Khamovniki, a business center in Moscow, for 132 million rubles (~$2 billion) and several offices located at 24 Posledny Lane for the total amount of 85 million rubles (~$1.4 million)

Tsalikov's sons Daniel and Zaur use the same scheme of real estate ownership as their sisters. Through their company, Dominus Zed, they bought two land plots in the village of Krasnoye in Domodedovo outside Moscow. Admittedly, they have already sold one of the plots, but each had an area of almost 100,000 square meters and was valued at 260 million rubles (~$4.4 million).

The Tsalikovs also bought as many as five properties with a total floor area of over 1,000 sq. m. in the Sugar Factory business center in downtown Moscow and registered the properties as Dominus Zed assets with an aggregate value of just below 400 million rubles (~$6.7 million). The journalists underline that the Tsalikovs went on a real estate shopping spree not long ago – already during the war.

Unsurprisingly, the official income of Tsalikov’s children does not suggest they can afford to buy such costly properties. Daniel works at state-owned Rostech for 5 million rubles (~$83,700) a year, while Zaur is in the water and electricity meter business, earning 2 million rubles (~$33,500) a year.

Earlier, Team Navalny exposed Tsalikov's “mansions” in the elite suburban area of Rublyovka west of Moscow valued at over 3.5 billion rubles (~$58.6 million). In all, the family of the First Deputy to the Minister of Defense owns almost 5 billion rubles (~$83 million) worth of real estate. To compare, an average apartment in Moscow (which is notorious for outrageous housing prices) costs around $216,000. Meanwhile, some of the contract soldiers waging war in Ukraine have reported earning just under $700 a month.

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