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Baza: Mobilized soldier threatens to blow up military registration office in Moscow region

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A man who threatened to detonate a grenade at a local military registration and enlistment office was detained in the town of Domodedovo in the Moscow region, according to a report by Russian news outlet Baza. The 38-year-old serviceman was mobilized in October last year, the publication notes.

According to the outlet, the drunken mobilized soldier arrived in a cab, entered the military enlistment office and threatened the staff with a grenade. He later left the building and attempted to escape, eventually being detained by police in a car on the street. According to preliminary reports, law enforcement officers found him in possession of a grenade, cordoned off the area and called in a bomb squad along with FSB officers.

As claimed by news outlet Mash, the grenade turned out to be fake, and the man was revealed to be a “deserter from the Kursk region”:

This is not the first incident involving violence or violent threats committed by Russian soldiers drafted into the armed forces or returning from Ukraine. In early March, reports revealed that a draftee had shot and killed a fellow soldier 150 meters from a school in the Kursk region.

Last December, two Russian servicemen returned from Ukraine and detonated a grenade in the parking lot of a cafe in the Voronezh region. Two months prior to that incident, in mid-October, two men who had been mobilized as volunteers opened fire at a shooting range in the Belgorod region, killing 11 people and wounding 15.

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