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Drunk Russian soldier detonates grenade at party in Krasnodar after returning from Ukraine

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A grenade exploded in an apartment on Turgenev Street in Russia’s Krasnodar during a party on February 26, after being detonated by a volunteer soldier who had brought back the explosive from the front line in Ukraine. 34-year-old Kirill P. set off the RGD-5 grenade while under the influence of alcohol, reported Ostorozhno, Novosti.

Several women and children were in the apartment at the time of the explosion, but were unharmed. The soldier sustained several shrapnel wounds, and was treated by doctors. A second grenade was later found in the apartment and defused by a police bomb squad. The man will now face criminal prosecution for the illegal possession of weapons.

In late December 2022, two Russian servicemen set off a grenade in the parking lot of a cafe in the Voronezh region after returning from Ukraine. In March, an intoxicated contract serviceman started a fight in the Vladimir region, punching a stranger in the head. The soldier was later fined for the offence.

In November, a serviceman who returned from Ukraine fired a flare gun during a brawl in a club in Kostroma, killing 13 people.

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