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Russian soldiers detonate grenade in Voronezh cafe parking lot after returning from Ukraine, ASTRA reports

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A pair of Russian soldiers detonated a grenade in a cafe parking lot in the village of Podgorensky in the Voronezh region after returning from Ukraine, reported independent media outlet ASTRA on December 25.

According to the publication’s sources, mobilized sergeant Artem Shapovalov (pictured above) and volunteer private Ivan Kireevsky, returned from the war in Ukraine after being deployed to the Kharkiv region. Both of them served in Russian army unit No. 29760. On the evening of December 24, Shapovalov and Kireevsky were given permission to go to a grocery store, instead choosing to go to a local cafe, where the group began to drink alcohol and eventually got into a fight with other guests.

Kireevsky then took out an F-1 grenade and threw it into the cafe parking lot, which detonated and injured local resident Sergei Chernogorov, who was admitted to hospital shortly after the incident. The blast damaged two cars and the cafe building.

This is not the first time that Russian soldiers have been seen acting inappropriately or mishandling weapons when not at war – for instance, in late November, a mobilized soldier accidentally shot and killed a fellow serviceman with an AK-47 assault rifle in Russia’s Kursk region.

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