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Mobilized man shot near school in Kursk region, media report

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36-year-old Andrei F., a mobilized man, shot and killed another mobilized man at a bus stop, 150 meters from the local school in the village Bolshenizovtsevo, Kursk region, Telegram channels Astra and Ostorozhno novosti reports citing sources.

He killed Ivan A., a 30-year-old fellow soldier from his unit, by shooting him in the head with a Kalashnikov rifle on February 28. The victim died instantly, and the shooter was arrested. The reason for the shooting is unknown. The initial investigation suggests that it was “an accident with a weapon”.

Reports have surfaced about soldiers and mobilized military in the Kursk region, which shares a border with Ukraine. As a result of “safety violations,” six conscripts were confirmed dead by the Russian Defense Ministry on February 20th. Additionally, in the village of Tolpino in November 2022, a mobilized soldier accidentally shot and killed a fellow soldier using an AK-47 assault rifle, as reported by Baza. Comparable incidents have occurred in other regions of Russia, particularly in border areas where a high (yellow) level of terrorist danger was implemented. In mid-October, two men who were mobilized opened fire at a firing range in the Belgorod region, resulting in the death of 11 people and the injury of 15.

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