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“The toilet door was immediately repaired”: Authorities in Russia’s Krasnodar region fix outhouse for mother of mobilized soldier

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Municipal authorities in the Krasnodar region’s Krasnoarmeisky district have published a social media post documenting the repair of an outdoor toilet – an outhouse – belonging to the mother of a local mobilized soldier. The toilet’s door had been blown off by a strong gust of wind.

“Everyday matters. A strong wind created a domestic problem for the mother of one of the mobilized guys, a resident of the village of Maryanskaya. Visibly embarrassed, the woman pointed to the door of the outhouse, torn off by the wind. Without any further ado, the workers of the municipal enterprise ‘Rembytstroy’ produced and installed a new door,” said the report.

The comments under the post noted the “high-quality” and “beautiful” work.

In early February, state-owned news service Vesti broadcast a report from the village of Novoukrainsky of Chelyabinsk region, where a local resident had stolen a wooden public toilet to use as firewood in order to get warm. The stolen toilet was located near a local health center, and was used by its doctors, as there was no indoor toilet in the center itself. Following the theft, the medics have been left with no choice but to go to the local administration building. A new toilet will not be installed, officials said.

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