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War widows in Russia’s Vladivostok gifted salami packages as government support measure

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The city administration of Vladivostok has issued grocery packages to the widows of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine as compensation for their loss, according to a report from the government body's official Telegram channel. The publication was later deleted after the news went viral. A copy of the post can be found in the web archive.

The local authorities explained that the gifts were offered in cooperation with the company Ratimir, whose website states that the firm is “one of the leading Russian brands of meat products in the Far East.” Ratimir produces salami, frankfurters, pates, canned and semi-processed foods. Judging by the publications in the company's VK group, this is not the first time it has cooperated with the Russian authorities. On February 18, Ratimir took part in the Vladivostok international ice marathon. The event’s organizer is the RunDnsRun club, whose owner, Konstantin Bogdanenko, is a former deputy of the regional legislature and current vice-governor of Primorsky Krai in charge of regional development.

The wives and mothers of Russian servicemen taking part in the invasion of Ukraine are regularly awarded similar gifts. In addition to food packages, they are given towels, medals, and various sums of money.

Read more in The Insider's December overview of the Kremlin’s attempts to appease Russia’s war widows.

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