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Nationalist Igor Mangushev dies after being shot in back of head. His wife says he was deliberately murdered

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Nationalist Igor Mangushev, whose wife said he had been murdered in the rear, died after being shot in the back of his head, RIA Novosti reports. The report has been also confirmed by Z-channels.

“Igor Mangushev (call sign “Bereg”), commander of the LNR People's Militia unit, who was shot in the head a few days ago, has died. Mangushev's death was reported by his friend Akim Apachev,” the agency reports.

On February 5, Mangushev's wife Tatiana Azarevich said there was an attempt to murder her husband, who was fighting in Ukraine, but no one was looking into the matter.

Earlier, Z-channels wrote that Mangushev was taken to the neurosurgery department in Stakhanov in the “LNR” with a “blind” gunshot wound to the head and that the shot had been delivered to the back of the head at close range.

Mangushev is known as the ex-leader of the Yenot PMC, which was created on the basis of the nationalist movement Svetlaya Rus and the association of military patriotic clubs Reserve. The Yenots participated in military campaigns in eastern Ukraine and Syria, as well as in the annexation of Crimea. Mangushev is closely linked to Yevgeny Prigozhin's “troll factory”, which he himself admitted. He was also commissioned by Prigozhin to hire provocateurs to work against Lyubov Sobol during the Moscow City Duma elections.

In August 2022, Mangushev performed a standup act with a skull in his hand. According to him, it was the skull of a Ukrainian soldier killed near Azovstal. As part of his speech, he said that all Ukrainians should be exterminated.

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