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“F*cking army”: Russian soldiers from Murmansk region record video appeal to governor from their tents, reports ASTRA

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A group of Russian soldiers from the Murmansk region have appealed to governor Andrei Chibis with complaints about poor conditions during “combat training,” according to a video published by media outlet ASTRA.

In the video, the men claim they have to live outside in tents:

“This is how we live, in dugouts, f*ck. Fucking army, f*ck.”

One of the soldiers in the video claims that he was a volunteer, but that he had learned nothing during combat training, and had only fired his weapon twice:

“Comrade Chibis, I came to the war as a volunteer, and they reported me for drinking. Other than that, they don't teach me anything, I shot [my rifle] twice.”

Earlier, a video appeal to the governor was recorded by a group of mobilized men from the Kemerovo region, who complained about the lack of medicines and thermal underwear. Soldiers from various regions regularly try to get support from the authorities by posting videos on social media. In recent months alone, dozens of videos have been posted in which mobilized Russian servicemen complain about the attitude of the command and the lack of food, water and clothing. Many are worried about the payments Vladimir Putin promised for the war, and in many training centers – and even at the frontline – sodliers complain about rusty weapons.

Meanwhile, propaganda is trying to blame the mobilized soldiers – TV anchor Vladimir Solovyov believes that the servicemen themselves are to blame for their poor training. He addressed them in his program with the words: “Keep talking: you have the wrong commander and you were trained in the wrong way. What about you? What did you do to prepare yourself? What did you do at the range to get ready for combat?»

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