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“Your fighters are practically naked”: mobilized from Russia’s Kemerovo region record video appeal to governor

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A group of mobilized soldiers from Russia’s Kemerovo region have recorded a video appeal to governor Sergei Tsivilyov, complaining about the lack of medicine, thermal underwear and protective equipment.

“Sergei Evgenievich, your fighters that you sent to us in the Stavropol region... are practically naked... All they have in their medical kits is one tourniquet from, two pieces of body armor as protection, practically nothing, their sides are all open, no thermal underwear, nothing. <...> We’re waiting for your feedback,” a man who calls himself a combat training instructor addresses the governor.

In January 2022, independent investigative outlet Proekt reported that Sergey Tsivilev is married to Vladimir Putin's great-niece, who owns the Kolmar coal company and actually runs the region.

As The Insider previously reported, volunteers on social networks are attempting to cover the Russian army's basic needs for medicine, clothing, and food. Charity events for sewing underwear, combing out yarn, or even slaughtering sheep for the health of “defenders” have all been held in different regions across the country.

These campaigns aren’t always voluntary: in some regions, state employees are forced to collect money for the army, while “donations” can simply be deducted from their salaries.

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