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“They threw us out in a field like dogs”: mobilized Russian pro-war deputy and his comrades record video from Ukraine

A group of mobilized men from Russia’s Krasnodar region has recorded a video message from Ukraine harshly criticizing the Ministry of Defense. They claimed that they were thrown into a field “like dogs,” with only “AK-47s and bayonets” for weapons. The men added that they had no ammunition or commanders with them, and they had to look for medicine themselves and “did not know what they were doing there at all.” The video was published by the media outlet Sota.

“Our dear so-called authorities of the Russian Federation, the so-called Ministry of Defense, we are mobilized of the Krasnodar region. We were sort of being prepared for something for a month – it's not clear what for. We were being driven here and there. And now it turns out that we’re somewhere in the fields of Ukraine and they just threw us out into the field like dogs. We don’t have shovels or anything with us, we have only our personal uniforms, which humanitarian aid helped us with. We just live in the fields. No, no, they bring some food, literally twice a day. We make fires, cut down trees, and dig with whatever God gave us. We were given AK-47s and bayonets – [we were told that] you guys can do whatever you want. There is no information, no command, we’re on pins and needles, as we don’t know where our people are and where [the enemy] is. No radio, no ammo, not a fucking thing. No medical supplies either. All right now it's zero degrees at night, but at least it's still warm during the day, you can get warm. I'd like to show this to our authorities... Do you consider this normal?” says the man in the video.

Sota pointed out that the man in the video addressing “the so-called authorities of Russian Federation” and “the so-called Ministry of Defense” on behalf of the soldiers is Krasnodar deputy Anton Kuligin, who used to support the war and drove a car with “Z” emblazoned on its sides.

In early November, mobilized men in the Belgorod region protested over their living conditions, officers’ attitudes and the issue of decommissioned weapons. They released a video in which they claimed that close to 500 people who are now in the Belgorod region have not been assigned to any unit and have been living in “bestial conditions” for a week without material support.

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