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«Give us fresh troops so that together we can stop this terrorist invasion of Europe». Ukrainian presidential adviser addresses the EU

Mykhaylo Podolyak, Advisor to the Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Office calls on EU countries to send troops to Ukraine. The Insider has received the statement:

Citizens of any country who are willing and able to join the fight for Ukraine will also help their country. Another night of war unleashed by Russia has passed and Ukraine has once again convincingly proved that it is ready to fight for itself and for the values of the civilised world. Our country has indeed mobilised all those who can fight to stop the invaders. Russia threw against us all the forces it has. They want to destroy our statehood and seize our cities, they are trying to blockade our capital and kill our political and military leadership. They are waging a very mean and brutal war against us. Rocket and artillery attacks on homes, kindergartens and completely non-military infrastructure have convinced absolutely everyone that this atrocity must be stopped. The Russian army can only wage such a war because it has not met with a truly powerful response from other countries, such as Ukraine and the Ukrainians. The longer the aggression against Ukraine continues, the more suffering and casualties will fall on Europe. In such circumstances, it is not enough to be friends and partners. Join us and fight with us. Fight for yourselves. Give us more fresh troops so that together we can stop this terrorist invasion of Europe.

Overnight, Kyiv was hit by blasts, with at least one block of flats damaged. Russia has denied carrying out strikes. Earlier President Zelensky has vowed to stay in Kyiv and to continue fighting the attacks across Ukraine.
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