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Migrants forced to duck walk at Yekaterinburg raid and sent to army, Kyrgyzstan demands answers from Russian authorities

Kyrgyzstan's Foreign Ministry has demanded that “Russia's supervisory body” check the legality of the actions of law enforcement officials who forced Kyrgyz workers to duck walk during a raid in Yekaterinburg.

The agency issued an “information message” noting that the Russian law enforcement officials's actions “humiliated the dignity of citizens engaged in work activities.”

Kyrgyzstan’s Foreign Ministry also noted that the workers themselves did not want to complain about the methods used during their detention.

The January 17 raid in Yekaterinburg was carried out by members of the local Prosecutor's Office, the FSB, the Interior Ministry, and Russia’s National Guard (Rosgvardia). The operation was carried out at one of the city’s construction sites and was aimed at checking compliance with migration laws.”

A total of 150 people were subject to the checks, four of whom were summoned to military recruitment centers, while eight are currently awaiting deportation. According to Valery Gorelykh, the head of the Sverdlovsk Regional Interior Ministry, the raids took place at several construction sites, and 12 sets of documents for the expulsion of foreign citizens from Russia have been prepared. Gorelykh stressed that the raids will continue.

The Insider previously reported that similar police raids in Yekaterinburg earlier this month found 160 people with newly acquired Russian citizenship, who were then sent to serve in the army under contract. A further 500 were added to the local military register as a result of the raids.

Raids were also carried out during the New Year holidays to find men who had recently acquired Russian citizenship and had not registered with the military recruitment office. Mass roundups for this purpose began in the summer of 2023.

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