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Navalny says he had to endure listening to playback of Vladimir Putin's address to Federal Assembly for 100 days in prison

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Alexei Navalny revealed that he was forced to listen to the playback of Vladimir Putin's February 21st address to Federal Assembly for 100 days in a row during the evening hours in the penal colony.

“I told our political officer, 'Are you guys normal at all? Can't you play different speeches by Putin? Hasn't he given enough speeches?' The response shook me with its logic: 'This is the annual address for 2023. So, you'll be listening to it throughout the entire year 2023. When the next address appears, you'll be listening to that,'” Navalny wrote.

Navalny appealed to the court demanding an explanation for the constant playback of Putin's address. The court explained that it was prescribed by the re-education work instructions. However, when asked if Putin's words constituted education, the court responded with a “no.”

“And it really has gone around in circles like that ten times. It's very convenient when you have a judge who nods at everything like a Chinese bobblehead and stamps its seal of approval on all actions of the authorities,” Navalny wrote.

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