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Wagner PMC forces reach Lipetsk Region, Governor confirms. Excavators seen digging up roads

The Wagner PMC group, which instigated an uprising in multiple regions of Russia, has now advanced into the Lipetsk region, as verified by Lipetsk Governor Igor Aramonov. Video footage shared on the Telegram channel “Beware, News” depicts excavators actively digging up roads.

The governor assures that the situation is under control, necessary measures are being taken, and there are no disruptions. He also shared a photograph from a meeting with chiefs of government agencies and operational command centers.

Residents of Krasnoye village, located approximately 40 kilometers from Yelets, told Meduza they encountered Wagner PMC fighters and inquired about the ongoing events. The fighters responded to the local civilians by expressing their allegiance to Russia and extending invitations to join their cause.

The Russian Ministry of Health has announced the deployment of emergency medical and disaster response teams along the M-4 “Don” highway in the Lipetsk, Moscow, Rostov, Voronezh, and Belgorod regions.

The leader of Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin together with soldiers from his units successfully seized control of certain military facilities in Rostov-on-Don and Voronezh on the night of June 24. Tanks and armored vehicles can be seen in the streets, while eyewitness videos depict explosions and gunfire. In Voronezh, a projectile struck a residential courtyard, resulting in damage to multiple vehicles. Furthermore, Russian military personnel bombed a road bridge over the M-4 “Don” highway, located two kilometers from the town of Boguchar. Prigozhin has been charged with incitement to armed rebellion, but he has stated his refusal to comply with demands from Putin, the Federal Security Service (FSB), or any other entity. Russian politicians and propagandists frequently echo Putin's statements and call for rallying around him, a sentiment that is also propagated by online bots. The Insider provides a comprehensive overview of the reactions to the attempted military coup involving the “Wagnerites.”

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