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Kadyrov announces Chechen fighters “on their way to conflict zone,” claims “mutiny must be suppressed”

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Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has published his first statement since the beginning of the Wagner Private Military Company’s armed revolt, saying that Chechen fighters are “on their way to the conflict zone,” adding that “the mutiny must be suppressed.”

“What is happening is not an ultimatum to the Ministry of Defense. It is a challenge to the state, and against this challenge everyone must rally around the national leader: the military, the security forces, the governors, the civilian population.
Soldiers of the Ministry of Defense and the Federal Guard Service of the Republic of Chechnya have already left for the zones of tension. We will do everything to preserve the unity of Russia and protect her statehood!
The insurgency must be put down, and if tough measures have to be taken for that, we are ready!”, Kadyrov wrote.

Chechen human rights activist Abubakar Yangulbayev told The Insider that according to his information, a small number of Kadyrov loyalists (120-130 people), were sent to Moscow two days ago. “And yesterday they also sent a larger number. The number was not specified, but I believe it was significant,” he said.

Apart from the fact that a contingent from Chechnya and from Belgorod was sent there, there is nothing else. But this is piecemeal, not all at once.

Vladimir Putin made a similar statement earlier today. He called the actions of Yevgeny Group a “betrayal” and “treason” in relation to Russia, its people and the fighters of the Wagner Group. He promised that all those who took the path of rebellion, “will suffer the inevitable punishment.”

“The internal turmoil poses a grave threat to our nation's sovereignty, and we will respond resolutely. Those who have consciously chosen the path of treachery will face inevitable punishment. They will be held accountable by the law and answer to our citizens. The armed forces have been given clear instructions,” stated Putin.

He also added that “decisive actions will be taken to stabilize the situation in Rostov-on-Don.” According to him, the situation there “remains difficult, with the functioning of civilian and military authorities practically paralyzed.”

While Putin did not mention Prigozhin's name in his address, he did recall the “heroes of Wagner.” He urged Wagner personnel to “cease involvement in criminal activities.”

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