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Wagner PMC mercenaries engage Russia’s army in combat near Pavlovsk in the Voronezh region, locals hear gunfire

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Wagner PMC mercenaries have been met with resistance on the way to Voronezh. Sources that spoke to The Insider confirmed battles near the town of Pavlovsk in the Voronezh region, which have so far resulted in the burning of a pickup truck and a van. Gunfire was heard in Pavlovsk itself.

Gunfire and shelling in Pavlovsk (Voronezh region)
Source: The Insider

Another video shot in Pavlovsk shows a convoy of military equipment.

Military convoy in Pavlovsk
Source: The Insider

A resident of Voronezh told The Insider that all highways leading into the city were blocked.

“I'm eight kilometers away from Voronezh. It's quiet here and in Voronezh. But you can't get to us, the highway is closed.”

Another local resident confirmed the road closures.

“The exits to the M4 highway are blocked. I heard that there are already armored vehicles in the city center. On the highways, where there is a cluster of civilian cars, volunteers are handing out water.”

Earlier today, the Telegram channel Fighterbomber, associated with the Russian Air Force, reported that the Wagner PMC had shot down three Russian Aerospace Forces helicopters near the M4 highway.

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