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Despite earlier apologies, propagandist Krasovsky says he still thinks Ukrainian children should be “drowned and burned”

Anton Krasovsky, a propagandist associated with RT, reaffirmed his stance of advocating drowning and burning Ukrainian children. He expressed this view during a livestream on the Extraordinary Tsarism YouTube channel, which was subsequently reported on Ksenia Sobchak's Bloody Mistress Telegram channel.

Journalists from Sobchak's channel claim that Krasovsky got drunk right during the broadcast.

The hosts asked Krasovsky questions about his attitude toward Ukrainians and the statement he made last year:

“How much do you love the khohols [derogatory term for Ukrainians]? The X-Men?” [X is the Russian letter for the sound «kh»]
“Khokhols? I would f*ck them in the mouth, to be honest.
“So you're either not a Christian...”
“I don't mean they should be killed, although I once said they should be drowned and burned.”
“Yes! You did!” “Have you changed your mind about Ukrainian children since then?”

After the propagandist's answer, the hosts started laughing out loud.

The Russian Investigative Committee concluded that there was no evidence of a criminal offense in Krasovsky's remarks about “drowning and burning Ukrainian children.” Krasovsky initially made a statement to that effect during an interview with writer Sergey Lukyanenko in 2022. Following the interview and the risk of losing his job at RT, Krasovsky expressed multiple apologies, stating that he was “really embarrassed.” However, it is worth noting that his apologies were directed towards those who were “shocked” by his words, rather than directly to the Ukrainian people themselves.

“Look, I'm really embarrassed that I failed to recognize this boundary, concerning the topic of children. Sometimes, in the heat of being on air, one can become carried away and find it difficult to halt,” the propagandist said.

In the four-minute video shared on his Telegram channel, Krasovsky also referred to himself as “a fool” multiple times and sought to explain that due to his frequent appearances on air, he occasionally becomes “carried away” during broadcasts, which serves as a justification for his actions.

“I'm a fool, I didn't just cross the boundaries, I unintentionally erased them ... I think about every child, every mother, every family.”

This is not the only instance of the propagandist's controversial statements regarding the war in Ukraine. In July 2022, Krasovsky sparked further controversy by posting about his visit to eastern Ukraine and expressing dissatisfaction that there was “not enough Vinnitsa.” Disturbingly, the day before his post, Vinnitsa had been subjected to shelling by the Russian military, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 27 lives, including three young children.

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