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Navalny 8 kg weight loss may be due to poisoning, attorney says

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Alexei Navalny's unknown stomach ailment aggravated again after he did another term in a punishment cell. An ambulance was called to the colony, but the doctors refused to treat him, according to Navalny's attorney Vadim Kobzev who shared the information on Twitter.

“While Navalny tends to write upbeat and lighthearted posts, he refrains from sharing details such as the recent incident where an ambulance was called to his cell on the night from Friday to Saturday due to a reoccurring stomach ailment after another term in a punishment cell. An unknown illness for which no one is treating him,” the lawyer wrote.

Kobozev says that according to Navalny's medical records, he suffered an 8 kilogram weight loss during his 15 days in the punishment cell.

Navalny's mother sends him parcels containing medicines, but the colony shamelessly refuses to claim them from the post office, and they get sent back to her. When he inquires about his medical condition and asks the colony doctor, the response he receives is, “It's spring, everyone experiences worsened health,” the lawyer says.

He did not rule out the possibility that Navalny is “being slowly poisoned” to make sure his health deteriorates gradually, rather than sharply.

“This may sound like ravings of a lunatic or paranoia in respect of somebody else, but not regarding Navalny after Novichok,” Kobzev believes.

He said lawyers would request toxicological and radiological tests. One of the colony officers secretly told Navalny that a provocation was being prepared against him involving his cellmate, Kobzev writes.

As of April 11, it was reported that Alexei Navalny has been transferred to a punishment cell for the 13th time, this time for a duration of 15 days. He had only spent two days in a regular cell, which were on Saturday and Sunday.

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