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Dead Wagner mercenary tried for murdering mother could receive commemorative plaque in Russia’s Perm region

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Money is being raised in Russia’s Perm region for a memorial plaque to the dead Wagner PMC fighter Dmitry Dontsul, who was tried for the murder of his own mother, according to a report by Telegram channel Govorit NeMoskva.

Members of the Boyevoe Bratstvo (“Battle Brotherhood”) organization and the NGO “Mat' Zashchitnika Otechestva” (“Mother of a Defender of the Fatherland”) are collecting donations to put up commemorative nameplates on educational establishments, meaning that Dontsul’s name could potentially adorn a school wall in Russia.

According to the verdict of the Osinskiy District Court, Dontsul struck his mother at least 86 times while drunk. The man administered twenty blows to her head, ten to the neck, 16 to the chest, with the remaining blows delivered all over the body with his hands and feet. The woman died at the scene. Dontsul plead not guilty. According to him, he attacked his mother as she had insulted him, but did not intend to kill. Witnesses at the trial said that Dontsul had beaten his mother before and taken her pension. He was eventually sentenced to 13 years in prison.

The publication's report also drew attention to the fact that another Wagner mercenary, Stanislav Lobyanov, a former member of the infamous Tsapkov gang, was among those buried in recent months. On March 17, Krasnodar-based activist Vitaly Votanovsky posted a photo of Lobyanov's grave in the village of Kushchyovskaya in his Telegram channel. The website of the Kushchyovsky District Court lists two criminal case files, according to which Lobyanov was first tried in March 2020 for the illegal production, sale or transfer of drugs, for which he was sentenced to eight years in prison. Lobyanov was then tried a second time in April 2021 for contempt of court, with the sentence not being revealed – the court’s website merely states that the man was transferred to a maximum-security penal colony.

On November 4, 2010, the Tsapkov gang carried out a massacre in the village of Kushchyovskaya: 12 people were killed, including children. Reports later revealed that the gang had been terrorising the entire area for many years.

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