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Russian prosecutor demands soldier who confessed to killing civilian in Ukraine be sentenced to 6 years in jail for army “fakes”

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A Russian state prosecutor has demanded that military officer Daniil Frolkin, who confessed to killing a Ukrainian civilian last year, be sentenced to six years in prison on charges of spreading “fakes” about the army, according to a report from independent investigative outlet IStories.

Frolkin is accused of spreading “fakes” as part of an organized group for profit. The sentence is expected to be announced on March 16 at the Khabarovsk garrison military court.

Frolkin, 21, became a subject of the IStories investigation in August last year. As a member of the 64th separate motorised rifle brigade, he took part in the invasion of the Kyiv region. In a conversation with journalists, Frolkin admitted that he had killed a civilian, and spoke about looting by the Russian military and named the commanders who gave criminal orders.

Frolkin said that he was ordered to escort several civilians to a search, then rob them and “waste” them. He carried out the order.

In Ukraine, Frolkin has been accused of violating the laws and customs of war. He faces a life sentence for killing a civilian.

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