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Russia to prosecute soldier who confessed to murder of Ukrainian civilian for spreading “fakes”

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Daniil Frolkin, a Russian soldier who confessed to the murder of a Ukrainian civilian to independent investigative outlet iStories several months ago, will face court in Russia for spreading “fakes.” Frolkin’s case has been submitted to the Khabarovsk garrison military court, according to a report by human rights project OVD-Info.

Frolkin, 21, became a subject of an iStories investigation in August. He was part of the 64th separate motorized rifle brigade that occupied parts of the Kyiv region at the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He was identified with the help of a cell phone containing a photo of Russian soldiers, which was found in the village of Andriivka after it was liberated. Frolkin was one of those depicted in the images on the phone, which was stolen from a local resident.

iStories managed to contact Frolkin. In a conversation with journalists, the serviceman confessed to killing a civilian, detailed the Russian army’s looting and named the commanders who gave out illegal orders.

Frolkin specified that he was ordered to escort several civilians to a search, then rob them and “waste” them. He carried out the order. Frolkin also noted that he was “confident” the man he killed was passing on the coordinates of Russian convoys to the Ukrainian army.

In Ukraine, Frolkin has been accused of violating the laws and customs of war. He faces a life sentence for killing a civilian.

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