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BYPOL: Belarusian partisans used commercial drones to spy on Machulischy military airfield for two weeks — video

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Belarusian guerrilla project BYPOL run by ex-security officers reports that partisans had been using commercially available drones to spy on the “Machulischy” military airfield, 12 km from Minsk, for two weeks.

They published a video shot by a militant group of members of the Peramoga resistance plan. It shows that during reconnaissance, the drone flew close to a Russian A-50U military airborne radar aircraft and even managed to land on its radar station. BYPOL stresses that the Belarusian air defense failed to shoot down the partisans' UAV:

“What about the lauded anti-drone countermeasures, which cost tens of millions of rubles of budgetary funds to develop and produce? The answer is obvious: they did nothing. Were the incidents reported to the usurper? Certainly not.”

There were two explosions at the airfield on the morning of February 26. As a result, a Russian A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft was damaged. The Belaruski Hayun monitoring project claims that the plane thereafter was transported to the 325th Aircraft Repair Plant in Taganrog.

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