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Central Clinical Hospital classifies procurement records to conceal Putin’s oncology appointments

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The contracts of the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Central Clinical Hospital with Polyclinic» of the Russian Presidential Administration (TsKB) have disappeared from the Russian public procurement website, points out the investigative project Sistema.

The data disappeared from the website no earlier than September 2022. As of now, the documents cannot be found either through the search bar or by following a direct link.

According to Ilya Shumanov, Director General of Transparency International Russia, expenses for supporting the president's activities may be classified under amendments to the Law “On Contractual System”. It is up to the institution to decide whether or not to classify its procurement.

Last year, Proekt released an investigation into Vladimir Putin's health. As the journalists found out, the president regularly takes deer antler blood baths and has a crew of medics accompany him on all trips. In particular, it turned out that Putin is constantly accompanied by a thyroid cancer specialist from the Central Clinical Hospital.

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