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Russia launches first LGBT “propaganda” case against Popcorn Books publishing house following MP report

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State Duma deputy Alexander Khinstein announced that Russia had launched its first criminal case on LGBT “propaganda” against the Popcorn Books publishing house based on his report to the police.

The publishing house is also facing charges of “disorderly conduct”.

Khinstein made an inquiry to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who replied that it had opened a case under Article 6.21 of Russia’s Code of Administrative Offences (“propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations and (or) preferences, sex changes”) on December 28. The deputy expressed confidence that the case would be brought to court, adding that the publishing house which “openly defied the state” would “get what it deserves”.

Popcorn Books earlier made references to Article 29 of Russia’s Constitution, which guarantees freedom of speech and prohibits censorship, on the covers of the books that fall under the new law, reported Ridus.

Following the adoption of the new law, major Russian retailers Respublika and Chitay-Gorod removed several books describing “non-traditional relationships'' from its shelves. LitRes, Russia's largest e-book seller, has said it will not only remove books that don’t comply with the law, but will also ask some authors to rewrite their works so that they can be returned to the platform.

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