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Navalny’s cellmate with hygiene problems returns

Alexei Navalny reports that the man with serious hygiene problems has been transferred back to his SHU cell. He had already spent 15 days in the same cell with Navalny, and two days later he was transferred back for allegedly smoking in the wrong place.

“They came up with this idea, “let's fix him up with an unwashed convict” and approved it with the head of the Federal Penitentiary Service, General Gostev, in Moscow. I’m told he personally approves these ideas and demands new ones to report to his superiors.
But no one even thought about the unwashed convict. What’s it like for him to do time in the SHU, does his health allow it? For them, a person does not exist, it’s just a talking object, which you can use as you please. He is sitting now, grasping his head with his hands, not understanding what to do now and why he has to go through all this. Well, I explain to him that he has to become the cleanest convict in the zone and then there will be no sense in using him like this. But it's important not to overdo it - after all, the guy is in prison for beating his drinking buddy to death with his bare hands,” Navalny wrote.

While in jail, Navalny has been regularly sent to the SHU for trumped-up reasons. For example, he was recently sent there because of using the word “f*ck” in a conversation with a fellow inmate; before that, he was sent there for violating the dress code and not wearing a jacket.

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