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Biden informs NATO that blast in Poland was caused by Ukrainian air defense missile, reports Reuters

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The US president Joe Biden has informed his NATO and G7 partners that yesterday’s explosions in Poland were caused by a missile fired by Ukrainian air defense, reports Reuters citing a NATO source.

The Russian Ministry of Defense asserts the same, insisting that the missile that crashed in Poland had been fired by a Ukrainian S-300 air defense system. Ministry spokesperson Igor Konashenkov stated that on November 15, Russia had only carried out “high-precision strikes” on Ukrainian targets “no closer than 35 kilometers from the Polish border”.

In his earlier public statement, Joe Biden already doubted that the missile had been fired from Russia, judging by its flight trajectory. Citing three US officials, Associated Press wrote that the trajectory suggested the work of Ukrainian air defense systems.

However, the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs insists that the missile was manufactured in Russia.

The missile crashed on November 15 in the village of Przewodów in the Lublin Voivodeship six kilometers away from the Ukrainian border. Two people were killed in the explosion and a grain drier was destroyed. Poland conveyed an urgent session of the Council of Ministers' Committee for National Security and Defense, chaired by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Mateus Lachowski, a journalist for Polsat News in Ukraine wrote that the fragments discovered in Poland match the Russian cruise missile Kh-101. Meanwhile, OSINT analysts who studied images and videos presume that the wreckage is more similar to the engine of the S-300 Soviet air defense missile. Such air defense systems are being used by Ukraine.

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