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“Ban Russia Today worldwide!” Ukraine enraged over RT propagandist's call to drown and burn Ukrainian children

Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba has responded to the statements made by Russian propagandist Anton Krasovsky. In an RT broadcast featuring an interview with Russian sci-fi author Sergey Lukyanenko, Krasovsky uttered that Ukrainian children who think that Russia has occupied Ukrainian land should be drowned in a river or burned alive. He also said in the broadcast that Ukraine “must not exist at all”, to which Lukyanenko countered that they still needed Ukraine because otherwise “there will be too many people with whom we wouldn't want to share a country”. “So we’ll execute them by firing squad,” Krasovsky offered.

Kuleba published a link to the relevant RT broadcast fragment and called on the global community to outlaw the channel worldwide:

In July, propagandist Krasovsky also published a post about his trip to Eastern Ukraine, expressing his opinion that “Vynnytsia was not enough” – a day after the city survived a heavy shelling attack from Russia. The strike affected the city center, claiming dozens of lives.

In response to his scandalous remark about Ukrainian children, the RT management decided to suspend Krasovsky's working arrangement. His temporary removal was announced by the head of RT Margarita Simonyan:

“Anton Krasovsky's statement is outrageous and repulsive. Anton might be able to explain what temporary insanity caused it and how slipped from his mouth. I find it hard to believe that Krasovsky genuinely supposed that children must be drowned. For the time being, I am suspending our cooperation with him because neither I nor the rest of the RT team can allow anyone to have even a fleeting thought that any of us could endorse this madness.”

Early in March, the EU and Canada banned RT and Sputnik broadcasts throughout their territory. The RT office in America stopped its operation. However, the channel is continuing to broadcast to foreign audiences.

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