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Navalny's team relaunches its network of headquarters to “fight Putin, the war, and mobilization”

The imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny's team is relaunching its network of headquarters (regional offices) to “fight Putin, the war, and mobilization”. The central headquarters’ website announced the initiative, presenting the form for Russians who want to volunteer.

Navalny' Headquarters
Navalny' Headquarters
No to war. No to mobilization. Free Navalny

Those who choose to join will be able to pick between “raising awareness, offering legal assistance, designing leaflets, sabotaging the work of government websites or military enlistment offices”, some of which “burn really well”, the announcement reads. Its authors warn about security risks and advise volunteers within Russia against publicly disclosing their allegiance with the headquarters.

“We are rebuilding our network from scratch; our employees from before will have nothing to do with the new headquarters unless they decide otherwise.”

On June 9, 2021, the Moscow City Court deemed the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF), Alexei Navalny's regional headquarters, and the Foundation for the Protection of Civil Rights to be “extremist organizations”. Under the new law, their activities have been officially banned, and their members and advocates cannot run for office in any legislative body for several years. Earlier, the ACF was labeled a “foreign agent”.

Since Navalny's headquarters was recognized as an “extremist organization”, former heads of his regional offices have been prosecuted, and their houses have been searched. This year, since the war in Ukraine broke out, former heads of offices have been prosecuted on the charges of “discrediting the Russian army”.

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