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Municipal deputies in 18 Moscow and St. Petersburg districts demand Putin's resignation

In eighteen municipal districts of Moscow and Saint Petersburg, deputies have signed a public demand for Russian president Vladimir Putin to step down from his post.

“We, the municipal deputies of Russia, believe that the actions of its president Vladimir Putin are detrimental to Russia’s and its citizens’ future. We demand Vladimir Putin's resignation from the post of the President of the Russian Federation,” reads the demand, as published by Ksenia Thorstrom, a municipal deputy of the Semenovsky District in Saint Petersburg.

The list of signatories also includes:

· Andrei Moiseykin, Dvortsovy District (Saint Petersburg)

· Dmitry Markevich, Liteyny District (Saint Petersburg)

· Roman Volga, Kolpino (Leningrad Region)

· Vitaly Bovar, Vladimirsky District (Saint Petersburg)

· Sergey Samusev, Municipal District 15 (Saint Petersburg)

· Alexander Budberg, Moskovskaya Zastava (Saint Petersburg)

· Dmitry Baltrukov, Smolninskoye District (Saint Petersburg)

· Anna Karulicheva, Narvsky District (Saint Petersburg)

· Valery Shaposhnikov, Vladimirsky District (Saint Petersburg)

· Galina Filchenko, Tverskoy District (Moscow)

· Timofey Nikolaev, Lomonosovsky District (Moscow)

· Olga Shtatskaya, Lomonosovsky District (Moscow)

· Yulia Shcherbakova, Cheremushki (Moscow)

· Vasily Khoroshilov, Akademichesky District (Moscow)

· Margarita Sharipova, Ramenki (Moscow)

· Vladimir Volokhonsky, Municipal District 72 (Saint Petersburg)

· Olga Fattush, Gavan (Saint Petersburg)

· Ekaterina Silaeva, Severnoye Izmaylovo (Moscow)

Earlier, the Deputy Council of the Lomonosovsky District in Moscow also appealed to Putin demanding his resignation. As the deputies pointed out, “things went south” starting from Putin's second presidential term.

Meanwhile, the municipal deputies of Smolninskoye in Saint Petersburg announced their intention to submit a suggestion to the State Duma to charge Putin with high treason for starting the war in Ukraine. According to the authors, his acts fall under Article 93 of the Russian Constitution on impeachment. The procedure of impeachment in Russia implies that the president can be removed from their post if the State Duma charges them with treason or other serious crimes.

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