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The Council of Deputies of Moscow's Lomonosovsky Municipal District has asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to resign. They said that since Putin's second term in office, “everything has gone wrong”: the GDP has not doubled, the minimum wage has not increased according to expectations, intelligent and hard-working people are leaving Russia en mass, and the promised stability is gone.

“Elections are approaching, and in a few days the composition of our Council will change. We have held our positions for five years and it is time to give them up to fresh people, with new ideas and strengths. Studies show that in countries with regular turnover of power, people on average live better and longer than in those where the leader leaves office feet first. You made good reforms during your first and part of your second term, but after that it all went wrong somehow. (...)
The rhetoric you and your subordinates have used for a long time is imbued with intolerance and aggression, which in the end has effectively sent our country back into the Cold War era. Russia is once again feared and hated, and we are once again threatening the world with nuclear weapons.
In view of the above, we ask that you resign from your post, since your views and your model of government are hopelessly outdated and hinder the development of Russia and its human potential.”

Earlier, a similar statement was made by municipal deputies from the Smolninskoye municipality of St. Petersburg. They plan to address the State Duma in the coming days with a proposal to charge Vladimir Putin with high treason because of the war in Ukraine.

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