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Police summons deputies who said Putin should be charged with treason

Seven deputies of the Smolninskoye municipality in St. Petersburg were summoned by the police for drawing up protocols for “discrediting” the army, Mediazona reports citing one of the deputies, Dmitry Palyuga.

The report of the Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Central District of St. Petersburg says that on September 7 the municipal deputies committed “actions aimed at discrediting the authorities.”

On that day, the deputies of the Smolninskoye municipality stated that they had addressed the State Duma with a proposal to remove President Vladimir Putin from office “in connection with high treason.”

In particular, their statement said that Putin's decision to attack Ukraine “harms the security of Russia and its citizens,” since the Russian army is losing its combat-ready units and citizens end up with disabilities.

The deputies also pointed out that the withdrawal of foreign companies from the market and the emigration of the educated population cannot “pass unnoticed for the economic well-being of Russian citizens.”

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