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AFU approach Russian border, Russian shelling causes blackouts in several regions of Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces continue their counterattack in the south of the country, Ukraine has regained control of 3,000 square kilometers of territory, more than Russia has seized since April, the American Institute for War Studies reports. By the evening of September 11, at least 40 settlements in the Kharkov region were liberated. Now the Ukrainian military has approached the Russian border.

Polish military analyst Konrad Muzyka believes that the AFU have occupied almost the entire Kharkiv region or will do so in the near future. The recorded volume of equipment lost by the Russian Armed Forces practically leaves no chance for Russia to organize an offensive in this direction in the medium term. Ukrainian forces, on the contrary, may develop their success in the Luhansk region.

Meanwhile, reports have emerged about power and water outages in several regions of Ukraine after Russian strikes on critical infrastructure facilities. Earlier, a video of missile launches from ships allegedly stationed off Crimea was published.

Zelensky said that the “Kharkiv and Donetsk regions were completely left without power, partially Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk and Sumy regions.” “No military facilities were targeted, the only goal was leaving people without light and heat,” the president of Ukraine wrote.

Belgorod is also partially left without electricity. According to the city mayor, this is due to a failure at the Yuzhnaya substation, where there was a “major accident” on Thursday. The mayor did not explain how the lights went out on Sunday when the accident was on Thursday. Power engineers promise to restore the supply within an hour.

During the day, the head of the Kharkiv OVA Oleg Sinegubov speaking on the Dumka channel said a significant part of the Chuguev, Kupyansk and Balakliia districts had been liberated. “There are already dozens of liberated settlements. At the moment we can name nearly 40 of them, although in fact there are much more, we just cannot disclose this figure, given the interests of the military operation,” Sinegubov said.

Closer to the evening, reports came about the liberation of the Goptovka border crossing on the Ukrainian-Russian border in the Dergachev district of the Kharkiv region. Ukrainian channels also released a video confirming the presence of Ukrainian servicemen in Volchansk. There are unconfirmed reports of the liberation of the settlements Kozachya Lopan and Tokarevka, three kilometers from the border.

The advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the region was also confirmed by the Russian Ministry of Defense by showing a map during its daily report, on which the entire Kharkiv region, except for the territory east of the Oskol River, was under the control of the Ukrainian military.

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