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Over 1,000 Russian troops encircled, requesting a “green corridor” from Ukraine, AFU sources report

Three Russian battalion tactical groups have requested a “green corridor” from Ukraine for yet another “goodwill gesture” (a newly-coined euphemism for retreat since Russia’s withdrawal from Snake Island). The Ukrainian counteroffensive in the Kherson Region has left Russian troops encircled near the community of Vysokopillia. The Insider's correspondent has reported this development citing AFU sources who are currently in the field. They confirm that the commanders of the encircled Russian units have made contact.

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russian forces near Vysokopillia are represented by three battalion tactical groups, including an armor group and a Spetznaz company tactical team. Even if the groups are short on personnel (which is a possibility, military experts say), there may be up to 1,000 troops. Sources from the AFU and military intelligence believe 2,000 is a more realistic assessment. The Insider has also received confirmation for this figure from a source close to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

The Ukrainian offensive unfolded in two directions at once: Olhyne – Kostyrka and Potyomkine – Novovoznesenske. For the moment, active combat in the north of the Kherson Region is limited to the line from Arkhanhelske to Zolota Balka.

Russian troops are also facing encirclement near Arkhanhelske, where the AFU has successfully crossed the Inhulets. Russian forces are currently defending their positions on its left bank. By Ukrainian estimates, the defense line from Novovoznesenske to Zolota Balka is being held by two Russian battalion tactical groups.

The Russians are also struggling with the movement of their troops to the right bank of the Dnieper due to considerable damage to the only two crossings: the Antonivka Road Bridge in Kherson and the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station dam in Nova Kakhovka. As The Insider's sources remark, successful AFU’s efforts in encircling Russian troops to the north of Kherson could determine the outcome of the entire southern campaign of the Ukrainian military.

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