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«I took a denazification course. I'm aware of my guilt». Kherson resident forced to apologize to Russian military on camera

In occupied Kherson, a local resident was forced to apologize on camera to the Russian military. Before that, she was compelled to take a so-called «denazification course». A video of her «apology» was published by Kherson Vestnik.

In the footage posted on the Telegram channel, the Kherson resident first gives her full name and address. She then «apologizes» for «allowing herself to make rude remarks about Russian servicemen, calling them orcs.»

«I am aware of my guilt and wrongdoing. I've finished a denazification course. I apologize to the citizens of the Russian Federation and to all Russian servicemen. I urge my husband to do the same, who wished death to the Russian military in his letters».

Rada deputy Serhiy Khlan (formerly a major Kherson businessman) claims that the «denazification courses» are in fact torture. He explained to The Insider that according to his information, all those detained for a pro-Ukrainian stance are tortured. «Both FSB and military officers do it, so it's difficult to name any one unit, but those mobilized from the LNR and DNR are the most brutal,» he told The Insider.

Since the beginning of March, Kherson has been occupied by Russian troops. About half of the city's residents have left, and every one in five has left the Kherson region. Those who stayed at first attended rallies in support of Ukraine. But then the occupation troops launched a terror campaign. Local residents told The Insider about mass kidnappings, torture, robbery and rape.

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