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Kavkaz.Realii: Three Chechens murdered over group sex tape

Three local residents who attended a group sex party were murdered in Chechnya. All of them were detained by the police and disappeared after a videotape of their sex act reached the Chechen leadership, according to Kavkaz.Realii.

Photos and videos of the party, which involved two men and two women, had been circulating on the Internet for weeks. According to those materials, the partyers not only had sex, but also took drugs.

In mid-April, the people appearing in the videos and photos disappeared. It turned out that police officers detained them in Grozny. One of the detained women was later released, because she is not Chechen. According to Baza, she is currently undergoing treatment for drug addiction. But the others, were killed, according to a Kavkaz.Realii source in law enforcement. Their bodies were brought to a cemetery in the village of Vedeno two weeks ago by an ambulance escorted by a police car.

A resident of the Vedeno district told Kavkaz.Realii there were three fresh, unmarked graves in the village cemetery, but they had not been dug by local people.

The police spokesman in Chechnya said the information about the missing people is untrue.

In Chechnya, not only critics of Ramzan Kadyrov’s regime have been tortured and killed, but also people of unconventional sexual orientation. Grozny resident Amin Dzhabrailov and Omsk region native Maxim Lapunov were the first to speak openly about the persecution of LGBT people. They were both arrested and spent some time in various prisons, where they were beaten and tortured with electric shockers. The police wanted them to name other members of the LGBT community.

Later it was reported that Aminat Lorsanova, who had been beaten and “treated” for bisexuality by her relatives, managed to escape from her family. In 2021 Halimat Taramova was kidnapped, and there were reports she had been beaten and threatened by her relatives before she ran away from home.

In February, Rimma Gagloeva from North Ossetia and Adam Arsanov, an Ingush cab driver who picked her up, disappeared on their way from the Grozny airport to Beslan. They have not yet been found. Gagloeva’s nephew suspects she was kidnapped by the security services from Grozny. He connects her abduction with a campaign of persecution of fortune-tellers in Chechnya: according to him, Gagloeva “was removing the evil eye”.

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