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Radio stations play Ukrainian and anti-war songs for over two hours in St. Petersburg

Three St. Petersburg radio stations, Retro FM, DorozhnoyeRadio and Novoye Radio played Ukrainian and anti-war songs on repeat for over two hours, journalist Roman Super reports. Judging by the video he published, it happened on May 12.

In particular, the radio stations played the song Oy, u luzichervona kalyna performed by the vocalist of the Ukrainian group «Boombox» Andriy Hlyvnyuk. Since the beginning of the war he has been serving in one of the Kiev territorial defense battalions. The video published by Super also includes the Ukrainian anthem and the song called »We Don't Need War!» by the Russian band Nogu Svelo! released after the start of the war.

This is not the first anti-war protest on Russian television and radio. On March 14, Marina Ovsyannikova, an editor at Channel One, burst into the studio during the live broadcast of the Vremya news program. She stood behind the anchorwoman Ekaterina Andreeva and unfurled an anti-war placard with the message written on it: «Stop the war, don't believe the propaganda, you are being deceived here.»

On May 9, Russian Smart TV showed the message »You have the blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of their murdered children on your hands. TV and the authorities lie. No to War». This was reported by MTS TV, NTV-Plus, and Rostelecom subscribers as well as by owners of Winx media players. It is believed that the built-in media player for smart TVs was hacked.

On the same day, a similar message appeared in the online TV guide Yandex.Teleprogramma.

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