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«Freedom to Ukraine, Putin's the devil.» Dagestan schoolgirl shouts anti-war slogans as last bell rings

A video showing a schoolgirl shouting anti-war slogans at the Last Bell ceremony has appeared on social media. It is alleged the video was shot in Dagestan in the town of Izberbash.

«No to the war! Freedom to Ukraine! Putin's the devil!», the girl shouted into the microphone.

Later, the Telegram channel ZaMir reported that an administrative protocol was drawn up in respect of the girl under the article on «discrediting the armed forces of the Russian Federation.» An administrative case was also filed against her mother for the «failure of duty to maintain and bring up minors.»

According to OVD-info, almost two thousand administrative reports have been filed under the article on »discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation» since the beginning of the war.

Human rights activists have pointed out that the range of actions for which one can be prosecuted under this article is very large. For example, several cases were filed for crosses in memory of those killed in Bucha and Mariupol, for «insulting the Z symbol,» and for reciting anti-war poetry. The largest number of cases was opened for anti-war pickets and social media posts.

For the first violation under the article «discrediting the armed forces,» a fine of 30,000 to 50,000 rubles can be imposed. Moreover, if the actions are seen as calls for unsanctioned actions, the fine may be as high as 50,000 to 100,000. A repeated violation under this article may result in criminal prosecution.

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