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Girl wearing Ukrainian flag ribbon denounced by coworker, detained by police

Anastasia Zryachikh was detained in Moscow – the girl came to work wearing a yellow and blue ribbon attached to her jacket, reports the human rights project OVD-Info, from which the detainee sought legal aid.

According to OVD-Info, the police were called by an employee of the business center, where the girl had come to substitute her friend at work. Police officers took Zryachikh to the police department of the Basmanny district in Moscow.

In March, a 40-year-old man wearing blue-and-yellow sneakers was detained in central Moscow on charges of participating in an unsanctioned rally. His lawyer told The Insider the police considered the sneakers «a means of agitation.»

According to the lawyer, his client had been buying gifts for his wife and daughter at the TsUM Shopping Center. The police detained him on Teatralnaya Square and took him to the police department. There they drew up a report on the man for violating the procedure of holding a rally, claiming he was shouting slogans in a group of people who were holding an unsanctioned mass event.

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