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Fighting continues in Kharkiv. Artillery shelling residential areas — VIDEO

Eyewitnesses in Kharkiv publish videos of artillery shelling of residential areas. According to the Telegram channel UNIAN, houses near the Equator shopping center are being hit. Fierce street fighting also continues.

Kharkiv. Artillery shelling residential areas

Earlier, in the morning of February 27, Russian light military vehicles broke into Kharkiv. People were asked not to leave shelters. Prior to that, Kharkiv had been under very heavy shelling. Ukrainian media reported heavy explosions could be heard near the airport.

As Vladimir Putin launched an attack, thousands of people came out to participate in anti-war protests in St. Petersburg, Moscow, and other cities. They were saying “no to war” and standing in solidarity with Ukrainians. Famous Russians also publicly opposed the invasion of Ukraine and demand that the war be stopped. Here are some examples.

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