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«This is impossible — what is happening here». Navalny is being judged in the police building

Alexey Navalny is being judged in Khimki right at the police station.

«I do not understand what is happening here. One minute ago, I was taken from the cell to meet my lawyers. I came here, and suddenly I see there is a Khimki court session in progress. Unknown people are filming me, unknown people are sitting in the room. They call it «an open session of the Khimki court», which is considering my detention upon the request of the chief of police. Why is the Khimki court session happening in a police station? I do not comprehend. Why was no one notified [of the court session]? Why no subpoena was served? I have seen many examples of mockery of justice in my day, but apparently this time the Old Man <president Vladimir Putin - The Insider> in his bunker is so terribly afraid of everything, that they simply tore apart and threw away the Code of Criminal Procedure. Things happening here today are unimaginable. This is some kind of supreme unlawfulness. I have no other words for it», - Navalny said.

As previously reported by the press secretary of Navalny Kira Yarmysh, the notice of the court session was issued to the Navalny's lawyers at 12:29, while it says that the trial will take place at 12:30 in the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Khimki.

Navalny was detained and taken into custody pending trial at Sheremetyevo airport at passport control after returning from Germany, where he was receiving treatment after being poisoned by Novichok. The detention was carried out by officers from the Moscow Federal Penitentiary Service. After the New Year holidays, the department asked the court to replace his suspended sentence with a real one.

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