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Man detained near Crocus City Hall attack site tortured to death at police station, 1ADAT reports

Askhab Uspanov (Kasuev), a Russian national and native of Chechnya, who was detained near Crocus City Hall on Mar. 22, the night terrorists killed or wounded over 300 concertgoers, died at a police station. The police had tortured him and attempted to stage a suicide, according to the 1ADAT Telegram channel.

As 1ADAT reports, Uspanov was on his way home from work, waiting for the bus, when he was attacked by a group of masked individuals. He fought back, not knowing that they were police. Uspanov was detained on suspicion of complicity in the mass casualty attack. The police tortured him, breaking his ribs and spine. The injuries turned out to be fatal. 1ADAT released a video of Uspanov's body after the post-mortem examination, which also revealed bruises and signs of asphyxiation. The voiceover suggests that the law enforcement officers made it appear as though he had hanged himself.

Russia’s law enforcement agencies detained 11 individuals after the Crocus City Hall attack, including the four shooters. They were interrogated with the use of torture. Of particular note, the suspect named Saidakrami Rachabalizoda had a part of his ear cut off and was forced to eat it.

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