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Russian security services cut off Crocus City Hall terrorism suspect's ear during interrogation and make him eat it

One of the suspects implicated in the terrorist attack had his ear cut off by the police. A video capturing this brutality surfaced on the pro-war Telegram channel known as the “Special Assignment Channel.” In the footage, an man in camouflage forcefully pins the detained suspect, who is lying on his stomach, to the ground with a knee while forcibly placing a piece of the severed ear into his mouth.

Additional footage has emerged depicting bloodied men being escorted to a vehicle by individuals dressed in camouflage and armed with weapons. This video was shared on Telegram by Vladimir Rogov, the chairman of the We Are Together with Russia movement, accompanied by the caption: “One of the detained terrorists in the Bryansk region attempted to flee into the woods. So, our law enforcement officers had to box his ears.”

Earlier, a video featuring the interrogation of the same man, who identified himself as Rajab Alizade, surfaced on the ANNA News Telegram channel. In this recording, the man is depicted sitting with a bandaged head, wearing blood-stained clothing.

Earlier, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of the FSB, reported on the arrest of 11 individuals, including four terrorists directly implicated in the Crocus City Hall attack. They were apprehended in the Bryansk region.

On the evening of March 22, gunfire erupted within the confines of the concert hall at Crocus City Hall. Several armed men unleashed a barrage of bullets from automatic rifles. The terrorist incident unfolded just moments before the scheduled commencement of the concert by the band Picnic. Up to 6,200 individuals could have been present inside the venue during the gunfire — nearly all tickets for the Picnic concert had been sold. According to the latest updates, the death toll from the Crocus City Hall attack has climbed to 133.

Russian authorities, including President Vladimir Putin, claim that the suspects in the terrorist attack were planning to flee to Ukraine and accused Kyiv of assisting terrorists.

Today, the head of the FSB reported to Putin about the arrest of 11 individuals, including four “direct” perpetrators who allegedly had contacts to cross the border.

Ukrainian authorities deny these allegations. Several Western media outlets, citing sources in American intelligence, reported yesterday that the attack could have been organized by an ISIS cell in Afghanistan. Media outlets note that the group itself claimed responsibility and refer to its statement on social networks. However, Russian propagandists dismissed this statement as a “fake.”

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