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Non-existent “international LGBT movement” outlawed in Russia, deemed extremist by Supreme Court

Russia's Supreme Court has ruled to recognize the non-existent “International LGBT Movement” as extremist and ban it, the court's press service told The Insider.

The hearing was held in closed session. Since case materials were labeled “classified,” journalists were only allowed to attend the announcement of the court ruling. No defendant was present at the hearing. The only ones in attendance were Ministry of Justice officials.

According to the human rights group Pervy Otdel (Dept.One), the Court's ruling suggests immediate enforcement in terms of banning the activities of the mythical “International LGBT Public Movement.” Liability for violating Russia’s anti-extremist legislation arises only under two conditions:

  • The judgment has to have entered into force. In this case, we are yet to see it happen. If no one appeals, it will go into effect on January 10, 2024.
  • The violation has to have occurred after this date.

According to Russia's state-run news agency Interfax, Thursday's court decision allegedly “does not affect citizens' right to privacy and will not entail any negative legal consequences.” As the agency asserts, the restrictions are related to the need to comply with the ban on “LGBT propaganda,” which includes advertising, generating interest, and involvement in the LGBT movement.

Earlier, Maxim Olenichev, a lawyer protecting the rights of LGBT individuals, told The Insider that this legislative measure initiative is unlikely to affect all openly LGBT people. The authorities mostly need it to put pressure on activists.

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