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Russia’s Ministry of Justice moves to recognize the “international LGBT movement” as an extremist organization

Russia’s Ministry of Justice has initiated a lawsuit to recognize the “international public LGBT movement” as an extremist organization, seeking to ban it in the country. The specific interpretation of the “LGBT movement” has not been provided in the press release published by the ministry.

The press release reads:

“The court hearing for the administrative claim filed by the Ministry of Justice of Russia seeking the recognition of the international public movement LGBT as an extremist organization and the prohibition of its activities within the Russian Federation is scheduled for November 30.”

The hearing will be held in Russia’s Supreme Court.

On August 17, 2020, Russia’s Supreme Court ruled to recognize the so-called “A.U.E. movement” as an extremist organization. The organization doesn’t exist.

The acronym (transcribed from Russian as АУЕ or А.У.Е.) originates from “Арестантский уклад/устав един” or “Арестантское-уркаганское единство,” which can respectively be translated into English as “Prisoner's Structure/Code is United” and “Prisoner's Criminal Unity.”

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